Sunday, September 14, 2014

reluctantly wrapping up summer...

Even though it feels like the middle of summer with our San Diego super-duper hot weather these days, to my dismay the summer is officially coming to end. School and work are in full swing, the football season has started, and the days are getting shorter. Though, we have taken full advantage of what feels like an "endless summer."
First, since school has started the girls have loved our weekend mornings. The first weekend morning I was surprised by breakfast in bed from my Ellie, and the next morning the girls were up way before me and Tony and woke us up with their excitement in being identical twins for a day. 

Mini-Golf was on our bucket list... Tony was so excited to take the girls. {though we won't be back to Boomers, because only 2 out of 18 of their holes were accessible} The girls had a blast! Each one of us got a whole in one at some point. 

Summer at the Farmer's Market... in Style

Our friends from Germany were in town for a day on their way to the South Pacific. So we met them for dinner on a perfect summer night in Ocean Beach
Lutz, Suzanne, Inge, Tony, Ellie, Lola, and Stacie

My neighbor moms and I decided to throw an end of summer block party for all the friends in our complex. We spent many days this summer just playing out front with all of them. We decided to do a pot-luck and a water balloon fight to commemorate a fun summer. SOOOO FUN!
{Nathan, Ellie, Lola, Seve, Von, not pictured... Ian, Carter, Mason}

This makes me fast forward 11 years....
The gang hang in out!

Time for a Water Balloon Fight

Lola got nailed in the face...

Nathan loves Tony 's Chair...

We took advantage of these spectacular summer nights with an evening bike ride in Mission Beach. Our destination... one of my new favorite spots, bay side south Mission!

Again these summer nights must be taken advantage of... 
off for a sunset paddle with my Lola. 

Oh Why, Oh Why can't summer last for ever?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Back in the surf

September 1, 1994 (20 years ago last Monday) Tony was paralyzed, surfing the break at the Ocean Beach Pier. If you have met my husband, it is no surprise that this anniversary of his accident should be celebrated not morned. Tony himself has been quoted to say, " If I could do it all over over again I would, my life is greater than I have ever imagined, I am truly blessed." We were simply celebrating life and how good it can be regardless! God is good! "Seek first the kingdom of Heaven and all shall be added," Matthew 6:33. Though Tony would deny this, we were celebrating what an inspiration he is to many, most of all to his family and to his little girls. 
Tony- Thank for always keeping the faith and inspiring us each and every day! 
Tony was thrilled to get wet, ride some waves, taste the salt water, and experience the ocean again. 
The Ocean Beach surfing legends of sorts; Mouse, Rob, & Lee

This gang, plus many more, came out to witness this celebration!
{Moji, Kevin, Rudy, Ellie, Drew, Lee, Mouse, Rob, Keith, Carole, Meghan 
Carrie, Von, Kyle, Lola, Suzanne, Tony, Stacie, Tracy, Sara, Candice}
The community that is OB and that has surrounded Tony these past 20 years is AMAZING. So many solid, genuine, loving people have been present in Tony life since his accident. You see such a bright spirit of humanity in situations like these. This community of people are a true blessing to our family. 

Let get this party started...
These four guys did the hard work... Tony was in good hands... 
Mouse a retired Life Guard, Rob and Lee life time surfers, and Keith a Navy Seal. 

the girls LOVED being IN the ocean water with their daddy

...The spectators on the sand...

{Amy, Maureen, Rob, Trent}

Thanks to all who were there in person and in spirit ... especially to the strong men who made it happen- it's a day Tony will never forget. Cheers to 20 more years!

{I had to include these "selfies" from my Ellie... Classic}

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