Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Silver Gate Surf Contest

The girls participated in their very first Surf/Boogie Board contest this past weekend! The girls had a blast! It was a super fun day spent on the beach, boogie boarding and hanging with their new kindergarten friends. 
Boogie Kinder Division I and II
Ocean Beach - Tower 5
Lola and Ellie were beyond excited to compete. 
The waves were pretty gnarly this day and the water was a bit cool at least at 12:00 when their heat was being held. So they spent some time getting used to the water!

Ellie was up first. 
Boogie girl in the Orange Jersey.
Since the waves were a bit hard this day parents were encouraged to join the kiddo in the water. 

Blue Jersey was standing on the Boogie...tough competition!

Ellie's good friend Molly from her class was in her division!

Lola up next.. after a pep talk from mom. 
Boogie girl in the flower Jersey

This smile won her an award! 

Emma came to cheer on the girls and be our photographer! 

Pizza Lunch Break

So after the girls were done competing, we had a few hours to hang out until the awards and ceremony. 
Of course friends plus beach make waiting around fun! 

Group Shot

My Girls.. I'm so proud of them!

Awards! Medals and candy all around! 

Lola won the award for "Biggest Smile on the Wave" She got a extra goody bag. 


It was such a great day and a fun experience for the girls. They couldn't stop talking about the day and even wore their little medals to school the next day! I'll say the girls are pretty lucky to attend a school where they hold surf contests. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

highlights and daily life lately

I could have called this post yet another "phone -dump" because it seems that life right now is going at such a fast pace that my real-camera doesn't see the light of day and the phone in my pocket has to capture the moments. 
Last month my brother Shaun was in town on work business... 
Lucky us, we got to soak up some much need Uncle/Brother Time!!! 

The girls attended their first Kindergarten Birthday Party. Their friend Erica turned 6 and had a simple after school party (love that idea!).  

Lovely ladies, who are always dressed and ready to go. 

 These girls love to play "school" in my classroom after their school day is over. 
You'd think they get enough of it ... but no!
 They even play school -A LOT- at home. 

 Crazy Cousins. Grandma and Poppi brought these outfits back from Hawaii- 
so we made the kids pose together in them!
{Lola, Liam, Ellie, Aiden}

Sunday's at the Farmer's market- Love the fall farmer's markets when the tourists have gone home and the fall favorites are back in season. 


My Aunt and Uncle were in town for their annual visit. 
We got to meet them in Old Town for an afternoon of fun and dinner! 
Uncle Lynno and Ellie... Grantie giving the kiddo gifts. 

 The whole Gang! 
{Liam, Sydney, Missi, Mark, Aiden, Aunt Robin, Ellie, Uncle Lynn, Lola, Stacie, Tony}

Pool time in this never ending hot weather!

Beach time... the girls are dead set on practicing every chance they can for the upcoming boogie boarding contest at their school! Not quite sure what inspired Ellie's outfit this beach day, but she was making her daddy proud anyway. Go Chargers. 

 Life has been busy these days and it doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon,  but we're still managing -somehow- to find some fun and adventure!

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