Thursday, December 18, 2014

getting into the spirit of the season

I think my Lola could possible be related to Buddy the Elf ... she is IN the Christmas spirit x 10. She sings made up Christmas carols on the way to school, she wears her Santa hat almost everywhere, and she was ecstatic to help decorate, including our Church's Christmas tree. Not to say that Ellie is not excited for the season, she is too, but Lola Christmas spirit is leaking from her veins. 
We spend a night at our Church with the other young families and helped decorate for the Advent Season. All the kids had a blast and even got a little lesson from Pastor John.  

 Ellie was fascinated by one of the older girls playing the piano. 
She will be very musical one day I know it. 
Lola...trying to hold in the excitement.

Kids in the stable?
 The whole gang of helpers. 

We headed to Sea World to take advantage of their Christmas celebration including snow! And this time both girls actually got to pet the dolphins (not pictured). 
Real  Reindeer!!!

Yes... San Diego has Weather and when it does, it's so fun for the kids! 
Here we are walking into school... amateurs I tell you... I had to snap this shot. I wish I had the audio of their laughter to go with it!

 When the weather comes... out comes our North Face super warm rain coats. My very good friend at work, Meghan, and my principal Sandy all have the exact same jacket. We happened to wear it on the same rainy day. We snapped a shot! I swear by this jacket thought. The best ever... worth every penny! 
We are in full Christmas mode and ready for vacation to start so we can soak it all up! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Birthday Party Mania

The girls have been non-stop party girls lately. 
They have made so many friends this school year and as a result have been invited to nouns birthday parties. 

The first up was Molly's 6th birthday party at a Little Ranch in Del Mar.
{Finley, Lola, Ellie}
 Horse back riding

 Petting and feeding of the animals

Decorating  Cowgirl hats 

 The gang of little cowgirls. 

 Next up Finley's party at Build-A-Bear! 
Um... What a fun and quick party and the girls came a way with a new stuffed pet! 

Third was a Princess and Pirate party for their friend Madeline's 6th birthday. 
The girls had fun making crafts, playing with friends, and eating cake. 

Our girls are very lucky to have made so many new friends so quickly. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Visit to Santa {2014}

My brother and I have a little tradition to get our families together each Christmas season and make a visit to Old Saint Nick. We always make a night of it and do dinner afterwards. The pictures continue to be priceless, Sydney being the star of the show this time. I am not quite sure I have ever heard not heard a child scream for that  long before in my life. Sydney did the longest silent cry I have every heard not heard. PRICELESS. Our girls got in good with Santa this year. They were laughing, joking, and playing games with him. This year, above the rest, they were so giddy to talk with Santa- almost so giddy we had to remind them to tell Santa what was on their wish list. 

Lola and Ellie sharing secrets with Santa. 

Aiden, Liam, and Poor Sydney

The Whole Gang
Missi, Stacie
Liam, Aiden, Lola, Santa, Ellie, Tony
Mark, Sydney

Here are some candid shots... four happy kids and one tortured kid

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